US Election: Man Files To Divorce Wife After She Voted For Joe Biden

As America waits for President Donald Trump to concede to Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden, who was projected as the winner of the poll, a man’s comment has given many something to talk about.

In response to the president’s comment on alleged fraud at the poll, a man with the Twitter handle @CarefreeRush said he is working on divorcing his wife after she told him she voted for Biden instead of Trump.

He said he is also moving to Mexico because he is so much displeased with how everything went down during the November 3 poll.

@CarefreeRush called the 2020 America election a disgrace. His tweet has got over 2,000 comments with thousands of retweets.

See the tweet below:

Below are some of the reactions his post got:

@stay_safe101 asked:

“That’s a pretty nasty attitude. Divorce over a vote…?”

@AngelMartell20 said:

“On behalf of all Mexicans, we don’t want him, probably Canada would great fully accept him.”

@teamokb said:

“Your wife is the winner in this relationship. Smart woman, I am pretty sure you won’t be missed.”

@ChronicCrypto56 said:

“Idk if you know this but we’re banned from over 75% of the world because of Trump’s Covid-19 failures. Good luck.”

@Thogan_pi2 said:

“Your wife is very smart. You should learn from her.”

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