It is yet another Valentine Season. Where many are drown in ocean of lost and confusion as regards to the perfect gift to offer to their spouse and loved one. As many found certain gift worthy, others insulting, at such many would not want to offend their loved ones with demeaning gift but would want to show how much they care and love them. This now leads us to the perfect gift to give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

  1. A PIECE OF WRIST WATCH: Giving your loved ones a smart wrist watch will earn you more love and admiration from him/her. Good wrist watch tells an articulated and a conscious person. It can also be a means of telling he/she I love the fact that you keep to time and prompt in all your dealings or if it is someone who is always behind time, you can humorously say, with this watch you can save us from further lateness. Also gifts like this, keep you closer to them as it will become part of them and each time they wear it they remember you.

2.       SHOES&HANDBAG: Ladies can never say no to a gift of designers’ bag and shoes no matter the quantity in their closet. They are like Oliver Twist always wants some more to blend with those new dresses and become the talk of the town in that happening occasion. Anyways you won’t blame them because, as the saying goes, “Good shoes take you to good places” Bingo! Who wouldn’t want to go to good places. So buy her those shoes and bags she admires and talks about and see how you win her over.

Clothing: Most people feel embarrassed with the kind of clothes and dresses their spouse or loved ones put on, but they lack the courage to tell them to avoid hurting their ego. Now is the perfect time to stylishly tell them how you feel about their dress sense by getting them those appropriate clothing you feel fit their kind of person and goes with their profession. You can make it clear while handing over the gift to them by telling them how you love and admire those who wear such clothes. If the person truly wants your happiness and trusts your judgment, next time they would hit the boutique and have their wardrobe changed all because of you. Always bear in mind that, as you are dressed so shall you be addressed

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  1. NICE PERFUME: Hmmmmmm, people get to be noticed most times with the smell of their perfume. Get him/her a good smelling perfume that would get them to be noticed and complimented and they would never forget you in a hurry for making them stand out.
  1. BOUQUET OF FLOWERS: You might be wondering, does ladies of nowadays value flowers especially the Nigerian girls. Yes, your guess is as good as mine. But I must tell you there are many ladies out there who still values and believe in fairytale kind of love and wouldn’t mind to get that kind of treat from their man. So buy her flowers and make her dream come true.

SPEACIAL TREAT: Some relationship lacks companionship. This season might be the right time to retrieve your steps and ask yourself why things are not working out the way they ought to, maybe all these while, you don’t make out time to listen to your spouse and hear what he/she has to say. Communication is the key to every successful. You can take your spouse to a more quiet and fun places where you both will have quality time to talk without interference to know where you have got it wrong and plan for future. You can also go to the movies, shopping and spa and watch your love grow intimately.

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NOTE: You don’t need to own the world or rob a bank to meet up with any of the above suggestions. Just go by your capacity what matters is the love  and commitment you  want to proof.

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