The girl child should be one of the critical consideration of every society. In 19th century downward women and girls were not counted valuable, they were relegated to child bearing and domestic chores without their voice being heard even when they could have something to offer but hell no the society frowns at that.

Women those days and even now were always the highest victims of war as a result of rape and the likes of it. they were denied formal education with the popular saying ‘’A Woman Education Ends in The Kitchen” what a dumb assumption. It baffles me to see a society where female child is not counted as a child, where a man humiliates his wife for bearing him only female children, where families and friends make jest of a follow man for not being able to procreate a male child and constantly being reminded that no one would carry on with his legacy when is gone.

  Now we are in twenty-first century where after much persuasion and different approach from media, campaign, and advocacy to improve the situation of girls worldwide, girl child now have to acquire formal education like the male counterpart. But that is not enough, there is still much debris that stands on her way of reaching to her fullest potential. She is at the increased risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and other harmful practices.  

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Society tends to sweep under the carpet the Rights of Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989, this right spells out some human rights violations that are unique to the girl child, including discrimination based on sexual harassment, female genital mutilation and early marriage.

It is predominant in Nigeria, that some employers request for sexual gratification from the females before they could be employed to exercise their civic duties. And once a lady refuses, that becomes the beginning of her not getting her dream job which sometimes the lady in question could have been a great potential to the company but the supposed employer would not consider that, all he cares about is that which is in between her legs and does not care what she has to offer.

The status of female is significantly less than that of male in some countries like Nigeria, where a female has never occupied the highest political seat in the country. Women have been denied of some certain positions in the society not that they cannot fit in nor do the job but they are always seen as a weaker vessel who does not have a place in the society.

Society tends to forget the contributions of some privileged women in Nigeria such as  Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who as a finance minister spearheaded negotiations with the Paris Club of creditors that led to wiping out of US$30billion Nigerian’s debt. Also, Dr. Dora Akunyili as a renowned Pharmacist and then the Director General for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), pulled a fight against fake drugs and it was later recorded that fake drug market saw a decline of 90%. These and other prominent women in Nigeria has contributed excellently more than the male folks who previously occupied the various positions.

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Nigeria would only get better when all gender is placed with equal treatment and opportunities. Enough of female marginalization, there should be an inclusive governance in every society and women should be allowed to attain their potential.

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