Read Some Of The Terrible Things UK Newspaper Wrote About Nigeria


In what will be a big embarrassment to most Nigerians home and abroad, a UK-based newspaper Financial Times, in an editorial on Tuesday, December 22, claimed that Nigeria is at risk of becoming a failed state.

The newspaper made the claim in the editorial titled, ‘Nigeria at Risk of Becoming a Failed State’.

In arriving at this conclusion, the news outlet cited insecurity, stalled economic growth and weak institutions as some of Nigeria’s biggest challenges.

The editorial read in part:

“The government insists no ransom was paid. Scepticism is warranted. In a country going backwards economically, carjacking, kidnapping and banditry are among Nigeria’s rare growth industries. Just as the boys were going home, Nigerian pirates abducted six Ukrainian sailors off the coast.

“The definition of a failed state is one where the government is no longer in control. By this yardstick, Africa’s most populous country is teetering on the brink.”

“If the latest kidnapping turns out to be its work, it would mark the spread of the terrorist group from its north-eastern base. Even if the mass abduction was carried out by “ordinary” bandits — as now looks possible — it underlines the fact of chronic criminality and violence.

“Deadly clashes between herders and settled farmers have spread to most parts of Nigeria. In the oil-rich, but impoverished, Delta region, extortion through the sabotage of pipelines is legendary.”

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