Monday 6th January will be remembered in the history books as a day Imolites came out in their numbers to defend their commonwealth and patrimony.

The oppressors of Imo State are yet to come to terms with the fact that salaries can be paid in full, road construction ongoing across many roads in the State capital and the state at large, construction work ongoing across the 4 Technical Colleges, Pensioners receiving their pay, amongst other developmental strides of the Governor.

One other thing the oppressors are angry with is that the Governor on his 50th Day in office signed the Executive Order 005, instituting the much celebrated Treasury Single Account which saw to the shutting down of over 260 accounts across different banks, ran by the previous administration.

These feats saw to the rapid growth of Imo State IGR from a paltry 240 Million in June to 1 Billion Naira as at December 2019. Only a bold and courageous man like Governor Ihedioha can take such steps knowing that the oppressors were steadily benefiting from the numerous leakages in the IGR, feeding fat on the commonwealth of the ordinary people. Governor Ihedioha’s transparency and due process has earned Imo the least corrupt State in Nigeria within Six Months, as rated by National Bureau Statistics, in an APC Controlled federal Government.

It is therefore understandable to see the oppressors angry and fighting. Out of 70% that was paid to workers in the past administration, Governor Ihedioha restored to 100%, denying the oppressors access to the 30 percent which they had enjoyed in the past 8 years.

Similarly, the Governor began the payment of pensioners which was never in existence for over 80 months, another reason the oppressors are angry because money for pensioners were initially squandered and shared among political loyalists and acclaimed leaders, while the masses have china roads, thuggery and numerous societal problems to battle with.

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The oppressors of our state are not members of any political party. They can be here today, tomorrow they are there and the day after tomorrow they are back here. They only unite to fight against the progress of Imo State but will never unite to discuss the wellbeing of Ndi Imo.

One significant thing about Governor Emeka Ihedioha’s administration is his clear focus on issues and his determination not to be distracted for any reason.

The Imo oppressors are not really oppositions. They don’t have the mental capacity to give reasonable and responsible opposition but are on Whatsapp on daily bases criticizing every move of the Governor.

These same people were here when our bailout fund was used to build Hotels and personal houses. Lands were collected for individuals, churches, communities just for personal use by these people.

They were here when governance was reduced to a family business.

The oppressors of our dear state were here when all the access roads in Imo was constructed with throwel and headpan. Imo became a laughing stock both at home and abroad.

Today, these same people who empowered themselves in the last 8 years with Local Government allocations through thier agents were all out claiming to have resumed work at the various LGA Headquarters as chairmen and councilors.

These miscreants reminds one of the biblical story of the two women who were both claiming ownership to a baby. When the King in his profound wisdom commanded that the child be split into two, giving each woman a half of the child, the rightful owner said that the child should be allowed to grow, when he grows he will identify the true mother. The wicked and satanic woman suggested that the little baby be killed and divided into two.

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These suggestions motivated King Solomon’s decision on this particular issue.

Just like the bible also observed in John 10:10, the oppressors of our state came to steal and destroy. They hope to to create unrest and tension in the state. The oppressors came to distract a man who is already on auto cruise, sailing the Imo Ship with great energy, focus and determination.

The good news is that the oppressors have met their waterloo. They were technically ambushed at every turn and sent into the dungeon of shame.

As they tried to gain access into the various LGAs, the people resisted them. The LGA staff all came out to send them away back to abyss. They do not wish to have them again.

While moving from one Local Government to the other, I discovered the determination and the zeal in the people to defend their commonwealth. The people owned up to their collective responsibility.

According a gardener at Owerri West LGA, Mr Nzekwe, “for over 8 years now I have not practiced my skill. I’m a gardener, I used to come to work but when the last Government came they killed the Local Goverment and most of us became workers without pay. No body regarded us but today things have changed. We will not allow them disturb us again in Imo”.

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A women at Ehime Mbano who is a staff of the LGA urged God to destroy all those who are planing evil against the Rebuild Imo Government. With tears in her eyes, She noted that she has been a widow for years. She said she has 5 children to train and the only source of income is her salary and the little provision business she does at the Secretariat.

According to her, the past 8 years saw to the death of the Local Government which claimed the life of her only daughter just because she didn’t have money to take her to hospital while she was sick.

Narrating further, she placed a curse on all those fighting to reclaim the Local Government through the backdoor, noting that the Rebuild Imo Administration has given a new life and breath to the Local Government. In her words, “Today we can wake up and go to work in the morning”.

There are many more testimonies and statements made by both the staff and the good people of Imo State but all boils down to the fact that the oppressors were roundly defeated by the people.

We hear they are planning again for tomorrow. The bad news for them is that the people don’t need to be mobilized. The people are ever ready to defend themselves from their oppressors.

We have made a resolve that the Egyptians we saw yesterday, we shall see them no more.

Imo people have reclaimed their State.

Imo is on the march again.

Imo Bu Nke Anyi.

Aic Akwarandu writes from Owerri, Imo State.

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