How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Most times many writers give up on writing because their content does not generate lots of comments, likes, shares and engagement, at such they end up throwing in the towel.

But I have a good news for you today if you among this category. Writing an engaging articles is not a herculean task nor a mirage, it only takes creativity and arrangement to gain large audience through your writing, which is what I will be discussing on this post.

For your posts to gain multi reaction and activities, here are highlighted steps to follow;

1- Creativity: Creativity in a post, is what glues audience to your post, different people read with different intent, some may be to be entertained, amused etc. So when they don’t find any form of creativity in your post they move and you have ended up loosing an audience because you couldn’t satisfy their quest.

2- Poor Headlines: In writing a social media post, don’t be deceptive with your headline, in as much as your headline needs to be catchy do not let it be deceiving, that is saying a different thing from the body of the content. Such post makes the writer loose credibility and audience and would not earn you engagements.

3- Style: The plot of your content plays a very big role in engaging audience. Some people just write without asking themselves what the audience really want, also some people makes the mistake of summarizing the entire story in one paragraph, thereby making the rest of the paragraphs useless because no reader would want to continue if he or she has known what the end entails from the beginning. So learn to be stylish with your writing, create a suspense while telling your story so as to have your audience rooted in your story.

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4- Be Realistic: Always bear the category of the audience you are writing for in mind. You can only employ a fairy tale style when you are writing for children. You can’t start telling an adult a cock and bull story. Be realistic with your storytelling, always picture what is happening in your environment and include it in your story as that will make your story plausible.

5- Diction: You are not writing to impress but to entertain or educate. So whenever you think of writing a captivating story, think simple diction as no audience is ready to read your story alongside a dictionary. Make sure your words are simple and informing.

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