Nigerians drag man to filth for saying late female Nigerian pilot Arotile “was flying helicopters instead of staying at home”

A Nigerian man is currently being dragged on social media for his despicable comment over the tragic death of flying officer Tolulope Arotile, who is Nigeria’s first-ever female combat helicopter pilot.

It was earlier reported that late Arotile died at the age of 23 years after sustaining head injuries from a road traffic accident at the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base in Kaduna.

While a lot of Nigerians are still mourning the tragic demise of the young and vibrant lady, a certain man thought it sensible to say it’s what she gets for indulging in “gender equality

The man, a Twitter user with the handle, @OlisaTheGreat, instigated in a tweet that Arotile wouldn’t have met this fate if she’d “stayed at home with her husband”.

He wrote in a tweet,

“Instead of being at home with a husband she’s flying helicopter, this is what you get by the so called gender equality bs”

His statement was received with tons of heavy backlash with a lot of Twitter users coming at him for his insensitivity.

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Here’s some reactions below,

Let me first block all the people that like this your tweet . Now for saying this to the innocent girl , may calamity and iniquity befall you from now on .

So your female children cannot have goals, they cannot aim towards good and great things in life and become fulfilled right. So let it be unto you according to the desire of your heart towards another. Maybe u wish to die at the time of ur own harvest too sha

I could go all out on you….. But I’d pass. All I’d say is this kind of comment can only come from a dark mind. A very dark one at that. Where can’t someone die? She didn’t even die flying. That a human has this type of thought process is sad.

The family and the nation is mourning one of our fallen heroes and u re writing this? Shameless.

You’re a devilish human being. May God heal you because no doctor can.
Heal what??? No need to be civilized and humane to modafukas like this, may God punish him extensively, and if he did this for clout may God still punish him for his lack of empathy, animal!

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