Political Brouhaha in Ondo state

Early morning on Sunday,20th June, I saw a video trending on social media, where the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Chief Agboola Ajayi in fracas with the state Commissioner of Police. From the video I realized he, the Deputy Governor was stopped from leaving the government house, on the bases, that he wants to defect to an opposition party and therefore will not be allowed to leave the government house with government properties.

I know any rational thinker would ask what the CP was doing at the government house, I thought same too. But from their conversation, the CP hinted that Ajayi summited a letter to him and in less than 24hours he was already seen moving things out of the Government House.

In that video something got me cracked up, when the CP said, the letter you submitted to me said you are doing it today, Ki lo n shey gaan?? why was the doing heavy in their, mouth to say.

Let’s look at it from this angle, the letter he wrote to the Commissioner of Police, was it for protection while moving or for authority to move? Off course is definitely not the later. Even if he wanted to evacuate his properties, he could have written to the right bodies, maybe the Governor, through the office of the State Secretary General (SSG) or Chief of Staff and wait for approval or response to his letter with the modalities for such movement.

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The Deputy Governor, has been in political arena for a long time. He has served as Local Government Chairman, MHR, and now Deputy Governor, his experience should have thought him to do things in right manner without being hoax. He has a franchise to belong to any party and contest for any position without being queried for it.

He would have saved the state and himself from all these embarrassments, if he had tendered his resignation letter to the right authority, handover all government properties in his possession and then go ahead to pursue his political ambition he might have received the blessing of his Boss who knows, after all he has handed over power to him one time to oversee the affairs of Ondo state while he was away. Which made him, one time acting governor of Ondo state.

Watch the Video here.


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