RAPE: 8 Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped in India

An eight (8) old girl in India, has been reported to be gang raped by men old enough to be her father in Tamil Nadu.

 The little girl was said to be hungry and had gone to look for food in the neighbourhood.

However, instead of getting the food, she was lured by some elderly men in Tamil Nadu which later resulted to the rape of the minor.

The girl who came from a very poor family with a father who lost his job and a mother who is mentally ill.

Left home to ask for food from neighbours where she met her waterloo. The girl was unable to tell her father but later did so after two days because she was threatened not to do so by her violators.  

Although these men have been arrested, Indians are demanding severe punishment for the rapists.

Indian is united for her daughter. Muslims as well as Hindu have all come out to seek justice and campaign against rape the common phenomenon in today’s world.

Through the help of activists in India, Indians have took to social media to demand justice using the hash tag #justice–for–daughter and placards “I am Hindustan. I am ashamed”.

The streets would have been crowded with demonstrators using placards but for the restrictions placed on such activities due to Covid19.

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Seven people were associated with this rape. Four grown men and three minors. Mohammed Nooh (75), Zahadasan (52), Zafir Hussain (53), and Abdul Jafar (68).

We are unable to get the names of the minors associated with the crime. More details shortly.

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